Talent Concept

Talent Concept

China Resources Talent Concept

Adhere to the principle of “Respect for human values, development of human potential, promotion of the human soul”, and develop China Resources into an inclusive organization where common people will become excellent, and excellent people will become outstanding. More and more people will realize their dreams and value here.



Cultivate and train a team of talents with market leading capacity, organizational advantage creativity, leading value-oriented ability, and a strong sense of mission and responsibility, so as to support the achievement of strategic objectives – this is China Resources’ continued pursuit of talent.


China Resources cares about staff from the aspects of life, emotion and growth. Be strict with managers and be friendly with employees.


China Resources staff cherishes their dreams and aspirations, because dream can inspire them to be more energetic and creative, to exceed other organizations and individuals, and to achieve their self-value.



Guiding Ideology

Respect for human values


China Resources advocates that everyone is a talent. Every China Resources employee is a talent as long as he/she agrees with China Resources philosophy, with professionalism and professional qualities, and can create profit for the group.


China Resources advocates joint growth of group value and employee value. With the development of group, employees will also obtain payment and post appropriate to their work, and realize self-value.


Employees can benefit from China Resources brand effect by working in China Resources, and can get higher market value.

Development of Human Potential

China Resources puts talent development at a strategic level, providing employees with the opportunities to learn, to work, and to challenge themselves. This demonstrates China Resources’ greatest respect for human and greatest kindness for the employees.


China Resources attaches great significance to optimizing personnel selection, training, use, and retention mechanisms, emphasizing using talents with performance-orientation, selecting talents through scientific evaluation, training talents with comprehensive multi-level methods, exploring human potential and making sure everyone gives full play of his/her talents.


Promotion of Human Soul
Adhering to the operating philosophy of “People-orientation, population-driven growth, respect for human spirit and promotion of people's lives”, all business activities of China Resources have a common goal: improving people’s life. This is the meaning for China Resources staff to work, live and grow, as well as their high level spiritual pursuit.

Through cultural training, values building, incentive mechanisms, work experience, and other methods, China Resources creates a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere for human growth, stimulating their dedication and sense of responsibility and mission, and leading the staff to explore the meaning of life and work. It is committed to a higher level of spiritual promotion and pursuing something above personal interests.



Talent Management
China Resources’ talent management is starting from the aspect of strategic and organizational development needs. Based on China Resources talent team building, it forms differentiated management system for different groups, constituting a closed loop of personnel standards, planning, selection, training, use, and retention management.



China Resources promotes staff in key positions to work in different posts of cross-function and cross-industry, so as to constantly optimize the match of people with jobs, teams, and organizations, to improve the structure and level of talent, and to maintain high passion and vitality of the organization.



School Culture
The Gas School has consistently advocated learning culture with the principle of “willing to learn and think, practicing and enjoying”. Learn advanced business knowledge and management philosophy, apply theoretical knowledge to practice, summarize in the process, and promote the sharing of internal benchmark; insist on learning through practice while practice in learning. With this learning culture, the school continues to pursue breakthroughs in innovation on the basis of gas development demands, and promote gas talent training work with practice.